Cover yourself.

Personal breakdown cover

Breakdown cover that protects your car and motorcycle

Are you tired of having to arrange insurance for both your car and motorcycle? Then we have a simple solution for you. It's called Personal breakdown cover. It's perfect for motorcyclists because you can have just one policy that 'covers you', whether in your car or on your bike.

Insurance that's attached to you

Personal breakdown cover is extremely popular because it is attached to the person rather than a specific car or motorcycle. As a driver or rider, there must have been some past event in your life when you found yourself requiring assistance. You could have been stuck at the side of the road with a broken-down car or motorcycle. Whichever one it was, there is nothing worse than being left waiting, not knowing how long it will take for help to come. At this point, having personal breakdown cover is an attractive investment. No matter which you have chosen to travel with that day – your car or the motorcycle – you know that breakdown assistance is not far off. For those that have neglected to decide to buy personal breakdown cover, they can find themselves in a predicament. If only the car were insured and they happened to ride the motorcycle that day, they will have to resolve the problem alone. If you are miles from anywhere or it is late at night and in bad weather, this is not an appealing prospect.

Choose additional features

Personal breakdown cover may not be expensive, but it does provide you with the protection that you require for both types of transport. Most insurance products of this sort include roadside assistance and local recovery. If you travel extensively, you may wish to add in additional features such as European cover and onward travel, national recovery and home assistance.

GEM personal breakdown cover gives you 24/7 home and roadside breakdown assistance, nationwide recovery and onward travel.
Get 12 months for the price of 10

The great thing about personal breakdown cover is that under the terms and conditions of the policy, you should be protected, no matter the type of vehicle that you are using, and this includes motorcycles. Traditional breakdown cover is very different as it is tied to a specific vehicle. For example, with normal breakdown cover, if you have insurance on your car but breakdown whilst on your motorcycle, the money you have paid in premiums goes to waste as you will not be protected.

Covers a huge range of motorbikes and cars

The cost of personal breakdown cover is judged according to the risk perceived by the insurance company. It will be calculated according to the personal details of the driver and all vehicles included. If you regularly switch from driving a car to riding a motorcycle, then personal breakdown cover could be the perfect insurance policy protection for you. With a huge range of bikes and cars being covered by this type of insurance, you should be able to arrange your insurance for any combination of car and motorcycle, based upon the vehicles you use most often.

Your policy will be tailored to suit you, offering full flexibility, with each vehicle having separate cover levels and excesses. Whatever your requirements, your level of cover and premium payable can be finely honed to suit your specific needs and budget.